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Just like you, I absorbed ALL the information I could find about email marketing that was pumped out by the so-called "gooroos".

I bought their subject line packs... that guaranteed every email I wrote would get massive open rates.

I nodded my head... every time they told me "the money's in the list" and "you will earn $1 for each subscriber"

I watched... as these same "gooroos" made fortunes and topped product launch leaderboards ... time and time again.

With their massive lists, it didn't matter what sort of open rates or click-through rates they managed. Their lists were big enough that they still made money.

I implemented... all the recommended techniques ... and emailed and emailed.

But ... it was a struggle to even get clicks on my emails ... never mind converting those clicks to affiliate sales.

In fact, I earned diddly-squat from most of my emails...

Just like you, I knew it shouldn't be this way...

The one day ... I tried an experiment... I changed what I was doing ... I injected a secret ingredient into my emails ... and suddenly ...

Every email I sent started making money!

Not every email made massive money ... obviously they still depended on having good products to promote ...

BUT ... my "secret ingredient" was making a massive difference ... the improvement was very visible.


Stop Wasting Time On Overused, Out-dated Methods ... That Probably Never-ever Worked Anyway ...


Are you happy with the results that your currently getting from your email marketing?

Are the commissions rolling into your Paypal account day after day?

Are you worried that your bank manager is suspicious about the cash that magically appears in your bank account like clockwork?

I hope, for your sake, that you answered Yes to all of the above.

If not, do you feel it's time to change your current situation ... for the better?

I've packaged my "secret ingredient" into a “to-the-point” "no-fluff" guide to profitable email marketing.

I've topped it up right to the brim with my "secret ingredient techniques" that, if used, will absolutely 100% make you a better email marketer.

That’s not just hype by the way ... I pride myself in ONLY giving the best advice that actually helps people get better results.

But ... these "secret ingredient techniques" will ONLY help you if you act on them ... and I can't force you to do that ... only YOU can decide to take action and implement these advanced email monetisation strategies.

You might not agree with everything I say, and, like everyone else on the planet, you’re entitled to your own opinion.

In fact, I URGE YOU to read everything with a degree of scepticism and come to your own conclusions ... after testing, and seeing what works for you and your personality.

You’re going to discover several things inside this report that go against the grain.

Methods that you may have been warned not to do by others in your market.

Some of them might make you feel uncomfortable.

BUT ... they'll also make you more profits.

If you'd rather not increase your email profits, then you're more than welcome to leave this page at any time ... but, if you're serious about increasing your business by improving your email performance, you need to continue reading ... very carefully!



Here's Just A Little Of What You'll Discover Today.



Why 96% Of Marketers Struggle Daily To Build Responsive Lists - And How You Can Do It EASILY



The Proven Ethical Way To Increase Open Rates WITHOUT Resorting To Underhand Gimmicks & Tricks



Why TRADITIONAL Squeeze Pages AUTOMATICALLY Build Lists Of Low Quality (And The Simple Technique You Can Implement TODAY To Avoid This)



How Offline Businesses Secretly Make Millions With A Stupidly-Simple List Building Technique That Anyone Can Duplicate



Why You Absolutely MUST Write Engaging, Interesting & Personality Driven Emails



How To Build Buyers Lists Quicker Than Anything You've Ever Seen (This Is Gold)



The Simple Technique That Will Dramatically Reduce The Time Needed To Create High-Quality Emails



The Stealth Method For Creating "Hard-Sell" Emails That Your Subscribers Will Actually LOVE To Receive (And How To Have Them Literally Begging For More)



The Simple Strategy That Creates Stunning Free Offers Which Help Your Subscribers Get Results Quickly



How To Leverage Your Emails To Increase Results From Many Different Sources



How To Build INSTANT Trust Without Having To Peddle FREE Stuff



The FREE Method That Guarantees Your Lists Will Be Filled With Quality Subcribers Who Hang On Your Every Word



How To Use TEMPLATES To Make Sure You Never Run Out Of Content To Send To Your List



Introducing Email Profit Blueprint




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As the joke about men sometimes goes ...

It's not about the size ... it's how you use it!

WOW ... can't believe I just said something like that on a salespage ... can you?

Well, if you're going to be marketing online, you're going to have to step outside your comfort zone sometimes, and take a few risks ... and you'll probably offend a few people along the way.

But, actually it's true ... It's not about the size of your list ... it's how you use your list.

Whether you have a small list, or a large list, there's probably a significant untapped profit stream in there just waiting to be unlocked.

Few marketers are fully-utilising the strategies that I'm going to reveal to you.

And the few that are using them ... are very reluctant to to divulge their hard-won secrets.

This is your opportunity to unravel the mysteries that the top email marketers have been trying desparately to keep hidden from view.




You Want Your Email To Be More Effective ... And More Profitable ... Don't You?


If your email marketing isn't making you massive profits already, does it make ANY sense at all to continue doing what you are currently doing?

Wouldn't you rather be taking barrow-loads of cash down to the bank?



Isn't it time you made a change for the better?



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I truly believe Email Profit Blueprint can help you to increase your email profits, and I'm happy to offer you a cast-iron money-back guarantee.

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* Please use our helpdesk listed below for any support requests.


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Regular Price $87    Discounted Price Only $29.97   (Limited Offer)

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